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Cybersecurity has recently become one of the looming topics in the country, triggering the Government to increase public awareness on the internet, cyberspace use and asserting preventive methods on cyberthreats and cyberattacks caused by online hackers.

This is because cybersecurity brings out many elements, security being one of the paramount safeguard features in protecting information and ensuring safety for any online user. For companies, however, the integrity of delivering security to products and services to its customers is a priority in keeping the company’s reputation while guaranteeing customer’s satisfaction. On the other hand, for Government, raising public awareness about cyberthreats and cyberattacks, including laws, rules, regulations are critical steps in ensuring personal and business information are off risks and secured.

In addressing such technological setbacks, the Ministry of Information, Communication and Information Technology has conducted various activities throughout the month of October in observance of the Cybersecurity Awareness Month.  This worldwide occasion is observed annually in the month of October, as Tanzania has already conducted various awareness activities that, included but not limited to, simultaneously commemorating the World Postal Day on 9 October 2022 while raising public awareness about Cybersecurity as the two are interlinked with ensuring safety, reliable and secure e-services for customers. 

Moreover, interviews were conducted featuring Senior Officials of the Ministry of Information, Communication and Information Technology and a Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Expert from Tanzania on preventive measures that can be taken in combating cyberthreats and cyberattacks caused by online hackers; as well as an educational seminar conducted at the Jangwani Girls Secondary School in Dar es Salaam; the Arusha Technical College in Arusha; and the Arusha Institute of Accountancy.

The purpose of the awareness is to educate the public on how to spot vulnerabilities on their technological gadgets, software, prevent unauthorized access and any attacks.  Hence, the technological subject of cybersecurity is entwined with the digital transformation which is seen as one of the reasons that compromises personal or organization privacy into the hands of cyber culprits and perpetrators. 

Globally, the subject is not new as the internet and cyberspace use have been on the rise and have become correlated to economic development through e-commerce. In essence, the globalization and the technological advancement of using digital platforms have accelerated online activities of individuals, service providers, government, private entities, etc. Hence, vital information such as national identification card or bank account number, driver’s license or passwords are among the risk targets for identity fraud or identity theft. To limit the presence and impact of unwanted online attackers or hackers it is therefore important to have preventive measures and commitment by individuals, companies or government agencies in minimizing the effect of hackers. 

Tanzania has also been in pursuit of becoming a digital economy, spearheading various initiatives in the ICT Sector such as the National ICT Broadband Backbone (NICTBB) and the National Physical Addressing System, while recently launching the 5G network by the Vodacom Tanzania.  As such, the Government is keen on the technological stake it has to face in attaining such a goal, hence the ever grown online cyberattacks. However, it is understood that through continuous public awareness on the effects of the cyberattacks and cyberthreats that security of a country’s cyberspace and the use of internet can rest at ease.

It therefore important for the public to take precautions when it comes to personal or organization information as they often merited being the targeted weapon by the cyberattackers and hackers. Experts often recommend that constant update of computer, mobile programs or software is essential, with undetectable strong passwords. This is because safety always starts with individuals, before it generates to public at a larger scale for the interest of the country’s national security.