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by Tagie Daisy Mwakawago


The Ministry of Information, Communication and Information Technology hosted the country’s fourth Connect to Connect ‘C2C’ Summit 2022 on 7 September 2022 at Serena Hotel in Dar es Salaam. The two-day Summit is a joint collaboration with the UK’s Extensia Ltd., a company specialized in supporting the sustainable growth of telecoms and ICT in Africa.   

The opening ceremony was officiated by Hon. Nape Nnauye (MP), Minister for Information, Communication and Information whereby invited Government Delegates representing ICT Ministries in the Republic of South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo – DRC and telecommunication participants across the Globe were welcomed to the Summit, popularly known to promote Africa’s agenda of connectivity of telecom and ICT communication to all citizens. Other participants were from the ICT sector and corporate community, policymaker, service providers, media personnel, academician, students and others.

The two-day Summit comes in opportune time of the World’s Fourth Industrial Revolution whereby Tanzania has evolved and accelerated its ICT sector from analogue to digital technology.  Notably, the Government has set forth successful initiatives such as the National ICT Broadband Backbone (NICTBB), the National Physical Addressing System, including its recent support of the launch of the 5G network by the Vodacom Tanzania.

The Summit’s program has presentations and panel discussions with topics that include Securing the ICT Ecosystem, Solution Showcases, Infrastructure Outsourcing, Connected Tanzania, Licensing and Regulation. Participants therefore were encouraged to delve into discussions that will further address current and future connectivity issues, while finding solutions that support people and organizations’ growth and development.

In his welcoming remarks, Dr. Jim Yonazi, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Information, Communication and Information Technology said that the two-day Summit is a life-transforming event with useful discussions for country’s digital agenda.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tariq Malik, CEO of the Extensia Ltd. commended Tanzania for hosting the C2C Summit 2022 and its technological milestone since last C2C Summit hosted in year 2015, while emphasized on the importance of connectivity and its benefit to any country’s economy.  Meanwhile, Madame Hilda Bujiku, Acting Managing Director for Vodacom said that the Summit offers a great opportunity for Government to allow room for policy review to cater new advancement.  “It is my hope that this Summit will enhance synergies and create new ones as we all strive towards digital inclusion,” said Ms. Bujiku.

 The Summit supports the Sixth Phase Government’s digital agenda in diversifying country’s economy, while tackling challenges that are facing citizens in accessibility and affordability of telecommunication services. “The discussions will rejuvenate our country’s commitment to build a people-centered, inclusive and development oriented information society so that people could create access, utilize and share information and knowledge to achieve their full potential,” said the Minister.  

“The Government has made a decision in building and securing a world class infrastructure with a capacity and speed to set Tanzania as a Regional ICT Hub.  We are fully engaged in connecting the underserved rural areas through Universal Communication Access Fund, Public Service Delivery through e-Government Program, Security our critical infrastructure and keeping people safe online.

“I am pleased to see the diversity of people from different parts of Africa, sectors which are embracing ICT, international investors, solution providers recognizing and supporting this event. Your presence at this summit will ensure that we share a rounded vision in improving connectivity across Africa,” said the Minister.  

Highlighting on the optical fibres infrastructure with remarkable achievements that has enabled Tanzania and other African countries to connect to the rest of the world through international marine cables; the Minister reminded participants that there is still a need to develop new services and applications that can match bandwidths explosion while improving quality lives of people. 

“We need to plan on how to breakdown international monopolistic barriers that may maintain bandwidth costs at high level despite international availability”, he said.  The benefits of low cost bandwidths were said to be critical for end-users in the country.

The Minister also echoed the Government’s steadfast focus in ICT sector as one of the key factors in transforming the country into a digital economy.  “Under the strong leadership of Her Excellency Samia Suluhu Hassan, the President of the United Republic of Tanzania is promoting digital development in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution towards the realized industrial driven and modern digital economy,” said the Minister.

The Minister further said Tanzania is extending its National ICT Broadband Backbone to enable citizens to get and enjoy affordable, reliable and high quality broadband services.  Minister Nnauye further said that the Government is keen in working on the data protection legal framework that will address ethics of the internet use with its borderless nature, in ensuring that the internet use is governable, manageable and regulated responsibly.

As of June 2022, number of subscribers reached 56 million population; whereby internet subscriptions were 29 million compared to year 2015 when previous C2C Summit was hosted in Tanzania with 35 number of subscribers and 11 million internet subscriptions. The internet accessibility and coverage has covered more than 94 percent of citizens across the country.  The ICT Sector is guided by the National ICT Policy of 2016, the National Broadband Strategy of 2021-2026, the National Cyber-Security Strategy of 2018-2023 and all other Legal and Regulatory Frameworks.

 As to staying in Tanzania, the participants were also encouraged to extend their stay by also visiting tourist attractions of the Mount Kilimanjaro ‘the roof of Africa’, the exotic Island of Zanzibar and more than 16 wildlife National Parks across the country such as Ngorongoro Crater, Selous and Serengeti.