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By Our Correspondent, MICIT, Dar es Salaam.

The Minister of Information, Communication, and Information Technology, Hon. Nape Moses Nnauye, has said that the government intends to act against those who spread false news of the death of Vice President Dr. Phillip Mpango, an action aiming to manage the misuse of social media platforms in the country.

Expressing his views on his social media platform "X" on December 10, 2023, Minister Nape Nnauye emphasized that the government has laws governing the proper use of social media which include good use of social media, along with institutions and individuals responsible for enforcing these laws.

Furthermore, the Minister assured the public that actions would be taken in accordance with these laws without infringing on people's freedom of expression. He expressed hope that citizens would understand the government's good intentions in managing the misuse of social media in the country. Public reactions to his statements have been varied, with some providing their opinions on these measures to regulate social media usage.

Speaking to the journalist who reported this story over the phone, Minister Nape stated that safe internet usage is crucial in ensuring the peace and security of the country. He pointed out that there are compelling reasons for the importance of safe social media usage to avoid misuse, as seen recently when social media users falsely reported the death of the Vice President.

Emphasizing the importance of promoting peace and stability in the country, he said, "Misuse of social media can cause unrest and even jeopardize the peace and stability of the nation. Spreading false death reports about individuals can ignite fear and concern among the citizens."

He also mentioned that safeguarding the dignity of all citizens is vital, as misuse of social media can seriously harm the reputation and status of leaders as well as citizens. He explained that spreading false information about deaths is a violation of respect and can affect the ability of citizens to live their life’s effectively, causing turmoil in the society.

"Abuse of social media can easily be used to create and disseminate false and misleading information. Falsely claiming someone's death is one of the tactics that can be used to deceive the public and cause chaos. As a government, we must take legal action against those who violate the laws of safe social media usage. By doing so, we can build a society that respects communication and works together for the development and peace of the country," added Minister Nape Nnauye.

Minister Nape emphasized the importance of respecting and ensuring the safety of everyone by ensuring that social media users adhere to ethics, principles, and laws governing communication, including social media. "Misuse of social media can be a threat to the safety of citizens. Spreading false death reports can cause anxiety for their family, relatives, and the public at large. Therefore, it is important to take steps to prevent such actions," said Minister Nape.

He also stressed the importance of the government creating a safe communication environment in the country to ensure the safe use of the social media. "We can create a safe online environment that enables citizens to express their opinions without using false and hateful means to humiliate and create turmoil in our society," said Minister Nape.

In recent days, there have been false reports about the Vice President's health, causing significant confusion and fear among citizens. The government has been reminding citizens of the importance of safe social media usage for development rather than misuse. The Ministry of Information, Communication, and Information Technology has been providing public education on the importance of safe usage, including the global cyber security public education month in October 2023.